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Bee Swarm Removal

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Are you facing a bee swarm invasion in your property? Look no further! Mike's Great Honey offers professional bee swarm removal services tailored to address your immediate needs. With over two decades of beekeeping experience in the Agawam area, we understand the urgency and delicacy of bee swarm situations.


Our team, led by seasoned beekeepers, employs safe and humane methods to relocate the swarms without harm to the bees or your property. Whether the swarm has settled in a tree, on a structure, or any other location, we have the expertise and tools to safely capture and relocate them. Don't let a bee swarm cause inconvenience or danger to your family or property—contact Mike's Great Honey for swift and reliable bee swarm removal solutions today.

Prompt Response

When you discover a bee swarm on your property, don't panic. Simply give us a call, and we'll respond promptly to assess the situation.

Safe Removal

Using specialized equipment and techniques, we'll carefully remove the bee swarm from your property without causing harm to the bees or endangering anyone nearby.


Rather than exterminating the bees, we believe in preserving these vital pollinators. After removal, we'll safely relocate the bee swarm to a more suitable location where they can thrive without posing a threat to humans.

Let's work together to ensure a safe and harmonious coexistence with our buzzing friends!

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