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Local Fresh Honey

Our honey is local and freshly made year to year

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2024 Update

We really appreciate the help and support with our small family business! Your order matter more than you can imagine! Thank you Everyone!

Spring and Summer will be here around the corner and we are hoping for good weather for bees and lots and lots of honey. Thank you and have sweet day!


About Mike's Honey

Hello everyone! My name is Mike and I am a local Beekeeper in Western MA. I have 10 hives and all my products that you see is local and fresh. I have been keeping bees for about 10 years and would like to offer my product to the public. Here are some of the things that my busy bees have to offer: Honey, Comb Honey, Candles, Creamed Honey, Moisturizing Skin Cream, Lip Balm, and Bees Wax, and if necessary swarm removal.

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Bee Keeper

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